Lansing Web Design

Posted on April 24th, 2014


This is a live view of a WordPress Theme that I am developing.

My goal is to create an extremely lightweight responsive WordPress theme. Using as little code as possible, and as few templates as needed, this WordPress theme is intended for small businesses and bloggers that know nothing about web design and just need a quick and simple template.

When I first started creating websites, I used WordPress, as I did not know enough about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Through the process of attempting to modify my WordPress sites, I had to start learning these coding languages. This led me to abandon WordPress in favor of creating websites from scratch, as I found WordPress to be bloated with code that my websites did not need, increasing load times and limiting my ability to have the websites do exactly what I wanted.

Recently, I started to give WordPress another try and started looking into WordPress theme development. This is my first attempt at creating a WordPress theme and I have been documenting my process on the Cloudy Mouse Blog. You can find all of these posting here:

Follow along as I create my first WordPress theme and learn from my mistakes along the way.

– Jeff Koch